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Archaeotherium mortoni

pronounced:  [ark-ee-o-THEE-ree-umm]

meaning "ancient beast"  



The Archaeotherium was a pig, in more ways than one, since he was an ancestor of today's wild boar and tame pig.  He was a predator and a scavenger with incredible head-tossing power.  His head was 1┬Ż' long.  His teeth were admirably suited for grasping flesh and with a shake of his head, food would be served.  His lightly-built two-toed feet gave him the speed to catch his prey.  He was an omnivore, so when a carcass was not available, he ate plants.  He especially ate the roots of plants and used his tusks to dig them out.

Looking much like a modern African wild boar, his kind were very common in N. America until about 20 million years ago.  His home was the Badlands of South Dakota.  You didn't want to meet him.  He was very aggressive, even among others of his kind, and usually had an injury healing.

Archaeotherium lived when there were only 2 probable animals that would have preyed on him:  the sabertooth cat and the Hyaenodon, which was a large hyena-like predator.  But they may have regretted trying to take down Archy, who stood up to 6' tall at the shoulder.


Every summer since 1993 the largest paleontological dig ever done by Badlands

National Park, the "Big Pig Dig", begins again.  Three times a day visitors are given up-to-date information in lectures and handouts.  In the winter it is covered, although some displays are open.   Try a Google search with 'Big Pig Dig'.


The Badland rocks hold one of the greatest collections of fossil mammals on earth.  The White River Badlands of South Dakota are considered to be the birthplace of the science of vertebrate paleontology.  No, you won't stumble on a half-buried T-rex as you explore in the Badlands.  The dinosaurs died out long before these rocks began forming.  The T-rex and other dinosaurs are buried nearby, but not in the Badlands.


For a pattern, for both mounted and framed formats, $7.50

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There's no charge for the Quetzalcoatlus biography (story)
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The scrolling instructions mentioned above consist of about 30 pages with photos.  

See the Wooly Mammoth for an example of a mounted Paleo Pet

or see the Smilodon for a framed pet.

If you order a pattern it will be sent by USPS as soon as your check clears.

The biographies of pets were written for 7th to HS ages and were designed to stimulate discussion between parents and kids.
Like most Paleo Pets, the framed pet may be mounted on a mini easel available at hobby stores for a couple of dollars.
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