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Hummingbird Puzzle
This is one of the things I scrolled in the first year.  This one I didn't care for because it is cut from 3/4" wood, and I just left the pieces squared off.  Later ones I did, I rounded off the pieces on the front of the puzzle.  Much nicer.  I also used quite a large blade for this, probably about a #6, so the pieces fit together quite loosely.
Notice that the bird is not part of the flower, but is being held up by the bill.
The original pattern was over 8┬Ż" tall, but the pictured one is 5".  I also stained the flower and buds for contrast.  In doing the same pattern later I also did some bright staining of the hummingbird. 
I'm not a fan of painting nice woodwork.  I tell myself that's because I love the flavor, the graining and natural wood tones.  But maybe I don't like painting because I'm no good at it.
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