I could sell a pattern for this cribbage board, since it's mine.  But it was made from part of a log from the woodpile, so it wouldn't fit any piece of wood you have.
Cribbage Board
This was another woodpile piece.  Some articles call this 'found wood'. 
The ways of attractively designing a cribbage board are amazing.  The game has been around for centuries, and many of the old fanciful methods will still work.  It's a challenge designing a board that is as good as the game.
In this case I bought the cribbage pegs at a hobby store, but they could have been cut or carved also.  I just realized, they could be cut as a 3-D project on the scrollsaw.  They'd be square pegs instead of round, but that could be neat.  I'll have to play with that. 
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