I don't sell a pattern for this portrait
Anasazi Dreamspeaker
This one of my favorites.  And almost my first effort on the scrollsaw.  This, and the Wolf, gave me the enthusiasm.
This pattern is from a book called Scroll Saw Art by Patrick Spielman & Kerry Shirts.  This was the first scrolling book I bought, and gave me the courage to buy a (cheap) scrollsaw. 
The methodology in this project is called 'segmentation', a cousin to intarsia.  The entire pattern was cut from a piece of 3/4" poplar.  Each piece of wood that was cut was then stained.  For the whites and jet blacks I used acrylics.  The pieces (a few hundred) were glued back together with the pieces at varying heights.  The nose is highest, nearest the viewer, the cap tassle furthest back, giving a 3-D effect.
The colors are not lifelike, but are over-contrasting.  The book says this technique is called chiaroscuro.  I like it.
This is the second time I cut this pattern in this size, which is the book size.  The first time I used only 4 basic wood stain colors, as suggested by the book.  I cut it again at 50% size, using the same colors.  Then I cut this one and used many more stain colors, emphasizing the chiaroscuro effect.
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