I don't sell patterns for log art
Indians in Log Art
I've read that Native Americans prefer to be called Indians.  That's fine with me.  This scene of their former homes looks great in any case. 
Log scenes are designs, which he calls Logscapes, made by Dean Larson.   He worked with logs without bark.  An alternative he suggested was building up a fake log by laminating boards.  I pulled a log from the woodpile, not knowing what flavor it was, and left the bark on.
Here's another of Dean Larson's patterns.  I'm working on some of my own, but I'm having problems.
This technique requires a bandsaw.  But it is fun to make, working out the problems of lining it up, et al.  For example, how do you run the log through the bandsaw, making the cuts, yet keeping the wood perfectly vertical, not letting it roll?
It is much less fun when the bandsaw you own is a $97 tool.  I can't keep the blade from coming off the drive.  If most of the time is spent putting the blade back on, there considerably less enjoyment.
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