I dont sell the pattern for this chair.
Kid's Rocking Chair
This is a pattern brought to a Colorado Woodworkers Guild meeting, where a member gave out copies.  I apologize to him, but I have no record of his name.  The chair knocks down into 6 pieces in about 20 seconds.  It takes a little longer to put it back together.
A close look at the chair may raise some questions.  It was made from a sheet of  1/2" plywood I had that had been purchased long before.  And also before I found out about Baltic birch and Finland birch.


Anyway, this plywood has birch veneer on one side and maple on the other.  So the graining looks sort of mixed up.


But it's a neat rocking chair.  It fits kids until they are about 4 years old.  And I've forgotten lots about kids' sizes, so maybe that isn't a good estimate.  The height of the back is about 20½".
Here's a picture of the dismantled chair.  The differences in wood are much more apparent here. 
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