I don't sell patterns for these ornaments

The center ornament was designed by John Polhemus of JP WoodWorks.  If you're interested, he had 240 different ones, and that was a couple of years ago.  Anyone wanting more info on some of these patterns, email me.  But most can be found by Googling their names.


I used his ideas of the mount, and the oval and rectangular frames, to add a couple of seahorses.  When these are cut the interior pattern isn't just interior, as can be seen from the center ornament.  After scrolling, I cut away the exterior images of the seahorses, leaving only the center one.  Of course if these are looked at from 90┬░ you would see the front (or rear) view of the seahorses.  I also reduced them in size somewhat, compared to the original pattern in the center.


The seahorse ornaments are cut from Colorply.  This is a wood made by cutting poplar into thin strips of varying thicknesses.  Each strip is stained a different color or shade, and they are all glued back together into a wood block.  The wood was made for turning on a lathe and gives some beautiful effects in something like a vase or bowl.  I tried it for some scrollsaw applications and like it very much.
The above is another Polhemus pattern cut in Colorply.  Unfortunately one can't tell from the outside of the wood, exactly where the colors are inside.  So the cattails didn't come out deep brown as one might wish.
These are additional seahorse ornaments before they were mounted.   This is a scan.
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