I don't sell patterns of the flowers.
Flowers in a vase
I'm not happy with my photography in this.  That's true of several of the projects.  It would be nice to have the money to hire some of these things done, such as the photos.


This design is another collaboration between John A. Nelson and Diana Thompson.  John did the vase.  The base of the vase has spaces, allowing the flower stems to slip out of the side of the vase, so I cut a ring to contain them.  Next time, if there is one, I'll just widen the base of each side panel piece.


The flower stems were designed as straight sticks and I thought they should be curved randomly.  So that's the way I cut them.  I may be wrong, but I encourage all who take up scrolling to input their own ideas.  Of course, sometimes it backfires totally.  But it's a way to learn, and you won't forget it.


The vase is 3┬Ż" high.  I used Woodburst oil wood stains to add some of the brighter colors in the flowers.

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