I don't sell plans for these jewelry boxes.
Jewelry Box
The box is a pattern by John A. Nelson, with the handle designed by Diana Thompson.  John has come up with many things based on the woven theme.  He has many baskets, the base of a clock and others.  I like them.
I've used Diana's handle many times.  I like that too.
Nothing is, of course, woven in the project.  Each layer is cut so when  assembled it looks like a woven box.  The original design didn't have a name inscribed in the lid, and the handle was centered, so those were my adaptations.
I've also come up with several different handles.  Most of my (female) grandkids has one of these boxes.  That's quite a few right there.  The box is 5┬Ż" wide.
The wood in the lid of the box on the right prevents seeing details such as the name and the shape of the handle.  Some day I may be good at taking the photos.
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