I do not sell patterns of this item. 
This 3-D bird is less than 3" long from beak to tail.  The pattern was designed by Diana Thompson and is in Compound Scroll Saw Creations.   She also has a website.
The bird was cut (scrolled) in 3 pieces from a special wood called Colorply.  They also have a website.  The wood is made by cutting poplar into thin strips of varying thicknesses.  Each strip is stained a different color or shade, and they are all glued back together into a wood block.  This is made for turning on a lathe and gives some beautiful effects in something like a vase or bowl. 
I had the idea the same thing might happen if I used it for scrolling.  And I was right (for a change).  I didn't have enough light on the hummingbird to properly show the wood shadings, but they are nice, with the pattern on one wing reproduced on the other.
In the following picture a penny shows relative sizes.  Various woods were used, including Colorply, to give the different looks. 
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