Pronounced:   [STEG-oh-sawr-us]
meaning "Covered Lizard" or "Roof Lizard"


Old Ironpants....Oh, sorry.....Stegosaurus had 17 triangular bony plates about 2½' tall, in 2 rows down its back.  The rows were staggered.  Since the plates were made of bone filled with blood vessels they could have been used for controlling body temperature if this was a cold-blooded animal.  But if the plates were for attracting a mate, this was probably one very colorful animal.  The tail flail with 4' spikes was deadly, even for T-rex at times.


The small head of Stegosaurus was narrow, long and pointed.  The tiny brain was only the size of a walnut.  Since he was up to 40' long and 14' tall his brain size to weight ratio was extremely small, even for a dinosaur.  He was a very stupid animal.        

He carried his head close to the ground, probably no more than 3' high.  He was an herbivore and he may also have been a herding animal.  Fossil skeletons have been found in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.  He is Colorado's state fossil, and the only plated dinosaur ever found in the Americas.   
The photo shown has puzzle pieces cut from 1/4" stock.  An alternative is to use 1/8" ply.  When this is done, a 3/4" hole is cut in the frame behind the puzzle so it's easier to remove the pieces
from the frame.  This one has a 16½"x13" frame.  As always, dimensions are variable.


For a pattern, for both mounted and standing formats, $7.50

For scrolling instructions, add $3.00

There's no charge for the Stegosaurus biography (story)

There's no charge for shipping or handling


The scrolling instructions mentioned above consist of about 30 pages with photos.  

See the Wooly Mammoth for an example of a mounted Paleo Pet

or see the Smilodon for a framed pet.

If you order a pattern it will be sent by USPS as soon as your check clears.

The biographies of pets were written for 7th to HS ages and were designed to stimulate discussion between parents and kids.
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