Pronounced:  [MY-cro-SER-ah-tops   or   my-kro-SAYR-uh-tops]

meaning 'Tiny Horned Face'

Yet it didn't have any horns!  Except for a bump on its nose.  Microceratops are the smallest known horned dinosaurs.  All children seem to like Triceratops, and the Triceratops was one of the massive descendants of Microceratops. 

But Microceratops is the cute one.  It was only the size of a jack rabbit, about 18" tall.  The Ceratopsians (of which this is 'Micro') group of dinosaurs is probably one of the most familiar to people. These dinosaurs had big frills at the back of their heads. Many of them had horns and almost all walked on four legs, but Microceratops was bipedal (2-legged), which was rare for a Ceratopsian.  They were also herbivores (plant-eaters) and lived in Mongolia, now part of China.

Until 2005 scientists had believed that grasses had not evolved until about 50 mya (million years ago) because no one had found any fossilized grass.  Finally someone had the imagination to examine dinosaur coprolites (the fossilized dung of dinosaurs).  They found dinosaurs had eaten grass at least as far back as 70 mya.

Also in 2005 scientists were finally able to minutely examine dinosaur eggs from 190 mya.  These were eggs of an ancestor of the sauropod, which was the largest land animal ever, but it is believed to be typical of all dinosauria.  They were not miniatures of their parents, as reptiles are.  Like modern baby birds, they were very undeveloped.  They all hatched clumsy, toothless and helpless, requiring parental care as baby birds now do.  Thus it appears dinosaurs were caring family animals.

The frame size of the Microceratops as I cut it is 8┬Ż"x10".


For a pattern, for both mounted and standing formats, $7.50

For scrolling instructions, add $3.00

There's no charge for the  Microceratops biography (story)

There's no charge for shipping or handling


The scrolling instructions mentioned above consist of about 30 pages with photos.  

See the Wooly Mammoth for an example of a mounted Paleo Pet

or see the Smilodon for a framed pet.

If you order a pattern it will be sent by USPS as soon as your check clears.

The biographies of pets were written for 7th to HS ages and were designed to stimulate discussion between parents and kids. 



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