Pronounced:  [ark-ee-OP-ter-iks] 
This is a version of the first bird.  Note the 'hands' that extend beyond the wings. 
No one knows if the feathers were that extensive on the body or if they had evolved into flight feathers by this time.  Nor does anyone know the original purpose of feathers.  They could, before becoming feathers that could power flying, have evolved for body insulation or as an attraction for a mate. 


As anyone would know who has tried to catch chickens, feathers on wings greatly enhances the chicken's speed and ability to dodge, even though it can't fly.  No matter what stage of evolution the feathers were in, feathers made Archaeopteryx a more efficient predator. 
As in all these Paleo Pets, the puzzle consists of pieces cut from either 1/8" or 1/4" Finnish plywood.  These are mounted in a frame cut from the same 1/8" material.  Below is shown a pet partially disassembled.  The hole in the frame allows easy removal of the first 1/8" piece, although the pet in the photo was cut from 1/4" . 
This frame is 8½"x10", and the pattern the pet was cut from was on an 8½"x11" sheet of paper.  All Paleo Pet patterns are printed on letter-sized sheets, allowing anyone to enlarge or reduce them to individual tastes.


An alternative for most patterns is to mount the pet on a base as shown is the Wooly Mammoth.  In which case the pet would be cut from 3/4" hardwood.  This pattern cannot be mounted standing on a base.   But, as with most of the pets, the framed pet can be mounted on an inexpensive easel from a hobby store.


For a pattern, for framed format only, $7.50

For scrolling instructions, add $3.00

There's no charge for the Archaeopteryx biography

There's no charge for shipping or handling


The scrolling instructions mentioned above consist of about 30 pages with photos.  

See the Wooly Mammoth for an example of a mounted Paleo Pet

or see the Smilodon for a framed pet.

If you order a pattern it will be sent by USPS as soon as your check clears.

The biographies of pets were written for 7th to HS ages and were designed to stimulate discussion between parents and kids.
Like most Paleo Pets, the framed pet may be mounted on a mini easel available at hobby stores for a couple of dollars.
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