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Smilodon fatalis
Pronounced:  [SMY-loe-don     fāt- ĂL-ĭs]     

Meaning 'Deadly knife-tooth'


These have been called Sabertooth Tigers, which is an error.  They can be called Sabertooth Cats.  Sabertooths are some of the best known and most popular of all Ice Age animals. They are among the most impressive carnivores that ever lived.  The bones are the state fossil of California. 


They were the size of a modern African lion, but had short, powerful legs and were much more powerfully built.  They lived on grassy plains and in open woodland along the Pacific coast of both North and South America.  They couldn't pursue over long distances like lions, therefore relied on ambush.  Their powerful jaws opened to an angle of about 120°, while today's lions can only open their jaws to 65°.  This accommodated the sabers which were up to 9½" long. 


Some fossils show healed injuries or diseases that would have crippled them.  This is evidence that sabertooth cats were social animals, living and hunting in packs that provided food for old and sick members.  Their throat bones show they roared, therefore probably had a social structure, in prides like modern lions. 


A 2005 study of the DNA of sabertooth cats shows they were not direct ancestors of any modern cats.  Smilodon is totally extinct, but only as of about 10,000 years ago.   


As with all Paleo Pets, the Smilodon could be cut from 1/4" or 1/8" Finnish birch for mounting in the frame.  The frame is made from 1/8" Baltic birch.  The above frame is 8"x11".  Scrolling the name is at your option. 


If you want to mount Smilodon on a stand it would be cut from 3/4" wood of your choice, such as poplar.  And again, the size is also your choice.   If you cut the puzzle from 1/8" ply, there should
be a finger hole in the back of the frame to assist in taking the first piece of the puzzle out


For a pattern, for both mounted and framed formats, $7.50

For scrolling instructions, add $3.00

There's no charge for the Sabertooth biography

There's no charge for shipping or handling


The scrolling instructions mentioned above consist of about 30 pages with photos.  

See the Wooly Mammoth for an example of a mounted Paleo Pet

or see the Smilodon for a framed pet.

If you order a pattern it will be sent by USPS as soon as your check clears.

The biographies of pets were written for 7th to HS ages and were designed to stimulate discussion between parents and kids.
As with most Paleo Pets, the framed Mammoth can be mounted on an easel available at hobby stores for $2 or $3.
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