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      Look at the bottom of this page.  Click on the topic and you will see a series of questions and answers related to it.   Lots of information for woodworkers and non-woodworkers!

      Using the format of a question, it fits the page title.  But in the Search box (the one at the END of this page) you can type just a word or phrase This will open every page in FAQ that contains your key word.   Have fun!

Woodworkers wanting to present your work to the public

     The information in FAQ is for sharing.  If you see something you like, take it, copy it & use it.  It copies quite well into Word.

       To submit a question or to comment on something you read here, go to Contact Us.  That will make you part of the woodworking Forum you will find when you click on Hints & Ideas. 

       I make no pretense that the contents are all original with me.  If I've read of a good idea, and if it worked well for me, I try to describe it so others can benefit.


We  want  to  make  enthusiasm  for  woodworking  a  communicable  disease.       It  is  addictive.

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